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October 24, 2012 12:29 pm

5 meta-trends underlying almost all of modern marketing | DigitalMarketingOne

Customer experience as the core of marketing.

✎ “…while great storytelling is still essential to marketing success, it is now part of a much larger responsibility: delivering remarkable customer experiences.”

✎ “First… In the digital world, people go from passively receiving a brand story to actively living that story in an instant. And the experience they have interacting with you — across a myriad of touchpoints via numerous devices — becomes the definition of your brand in their minds.

It’s a tautology: great experience = great brand.

Second, social media gives everyone who has an experience with you — good or bad — the ability to share their story with others. These audience stories have the power to magnify or destroy the “official” stories told by the brand. The only real influence marketers have over this is to make sure that the experiences those audience storytellers have give them reasons to say wonderful things about you.”

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