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December 7, 2012 4:56 am

The Infinite Wait And Other Stories | The Comics Journal: Review

✼ “In a sense, the heart of each of the three short stories in Julia Wertz’s memoir The Infinite Wait is the impact that discovering comics has had on her life.”

✼ “While each story can be read as discrete narratives, the truth is that this book is a sort of recapitulation and revisitation of the themes and events she explored in her first three books (The Fart Party Volumes 1 & 2; Drinking At The Movies). There’s a deeper level of narrative, thematic and emotional complexity that becomes more apparent as one reads the book for a second time.”

✼ “While each story does have a roughly chronological narrative structure, Wertz rambles, goes on tangents, and diverges into events and themes that aren’t directly related to the ostensible subject of each chapter. The result is a book that’s all over the place in the best possible sense, as her divergences and references to past books and past events, as well as the way she retells certain events from a different point of view, speak to the complicated, messy way life is lived and experienced.”

✼ “Her voice as an author is so strong that these anecdotes, even when presented in a fairly straightforward, episodic manner, always feel organically constructed. Her art really shines when bringing to life an old, beloved street or the house she grew up in.

Her inability to draw convincing faces sometimes interferes with her narratives and is at odds with the way she’s able to simply but competently draw anything else.”

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